Who we are

Faith Transportation Inc. is a courier service that helps get all sorts of cargo from sender to receiver fast, safely and efficiently. We transport all sorts of items ranging from personal packages across town, business and legal documents, forgotten items, Lab specimens, medication, items from any location to your house and more We also operate a Special Event Shuttle with a wheel Chair service

Where we work

Our services start from Raleigh and spread as far north as Virginia and south into Charlotte and beyond. We are however very flexible and have always transported packages to areas away from our regular routes – call us today at 919-672-0356 to discuss your transport need.

How we work

You can rely on our speedy delivery for anything that needs to be picked up and rushed to a destination. When you hand it to us you can rest assured it will get to its destination. We have lots of experience and are able to work around any timing or route issues to get shipments delivered. Use the Quote and Contacts forms – or just give us a call at (919) 672-0356