Domestic Pickup

Call 919-672-0356 and we will be there in a moment. You don’t have to worry about bringing the package to us – Faith Transportation Inc. will come get it at your location and take care of the delivery so that you can focus on your business.

Medical & Lab Products

Faith Transportation Inc. will expedite the delivery of all sorts of medical and laboratory cargo including lab specimens, blood work, prescriptions, medical records, lab products, medication and more

Personal packages & assorted freight

Faith Transportation Inc. also transports all sorts of personal packages which may include things like large mail, groceries, forgotten items, flowers, maintenance supplies and more

Business Documents, Freight & Shuttle Services

We also transport of all sorts of time-critical business documents & business related freight  such as architectural drawings, legal papers, court subpoenas & all legal paraphernalia, copies, printed products, business machines & equipment and more.
We use different types of vehicles to get the work done, from small cars to cargo vans.
We also offer transportation for special Events such as Church retreats, Conferences, rallies, School groups, Camps, tours’ and other functions. Our Shuttle will also transport our clients to all types of facilities such Factories, Shipping centers and Hospitals when needed. Our Shuttle is fully equipped with a wheelchair Lift for those with wheelchairs; to help all those who need our assistance


  • CAR - $1.50/mile with $25 minimum base charge; less 10 miles
  • CARGO VAN – $1.50/mile with $35 base charge; less than 10 miles
  • SHUTTLE WITH A WHEELCHAIR LIFT –$80 flat price for a single person within the triangle area (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill)
  • SHARED RIDE – $20/person (Minimum of 4 passengers)

(If you are hiring us for events outside the Triangle area please contact us for the quotes.)


  • Packages above 50 pounds are charged an additional $2 for each 25 pound increment
  • All after hours deliveries are subject to an additional $15 flat fee above the base charge
  • After 5pm and weekends
  • Urgent deliveries have: a 10% of the regular price charge increase.
  • Priority deliveries have: a 5% of the regular price charge increase